Askher is multi-tasking singer-songwriter, single mom, high school French (and English) teacher, and mentor Lori Girard. She’s been part of the London, Ontario music scene for over 14 years.                 

      “I’ve always seen music as a privilege. I assumed when I had my son at 16, that pursuing music in any way professionally might be unrealistic but what I know now is I had no real choice in the matter.  I couldn’t escape creating music if I tried.  Music inspires us more than anything and the idea that I might inspire someone else with my music, my message or my voice is humbling and very cool! I’m so fortunate.”

     Lori insists on reserving songwriting for moments of passion.  Being a French woman, these moments come often enough! When she finds spare time, she records in her home studio: Askher Music and with longtime friend and veteran musician, Duane Capener in his Toronto studio. They are working away on her first indie album which is set to release in 2011ish.  This busy lady plays a dynamic live show either solo, with her bands: Stop ‘n Askher  and Askher What She Said or with her acoustic duo with Duane: Askher and C.

       At school, she helps promote tolerance and awareness as the advisor of the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) and teaches students to use their voice and respect differences. In class, students never know what  to except from Madame Girard, but most days, they are sure to hear laughter, truth, some French and most likely some music.

        Askher’s deep emotional connections are evident in her performances, her songs, her teaching and her willingness to share so openly and honestly.  If you have any questions, obviously, you should just ask her.